Blood + Chocolate – A theatre experience the City of York can be very proud of.

Blood + Chocolate -Photo by James Drury IMG_7802_JD

Well, Blood + Chocolate is over.. and I must say it was one of the best experiences I have had since I started 4 years ago on my own. It was a real joy working with the quite brilliant Alan Lane and the team at Slung Low, as well as a chance for me to once again work with pilot theatre, who I knew and had worked with whilst I was at York Theatre Royal. The other major joy for me about working on the project was working with a great York community cast and about 20 very talented photographers who took some quite stunning photos. Throughout the project there were no airs and graces and everyone had the same goal – to create a wonderful piece of theatre that they and the city of York can be proud of… and I can confirm that they did that!! The results were quite spectacular – Sold Out on the morning of the first performance – 4 & 5 reviews from national and regionals – a very happy cast and production team!!

Here is the Blood + Chocolate Media Report




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